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Our mission is simple. To help industry reduce carbon emissions and gain efficiency through 100% energy independence, saving money and the environment in the process. Industry, including mining and large scale agriculture, can be clean and green too and it helps the bottom line at the same time.


We do this through engineering, manufacturing and distributing higher quality Lithium Batteries, power and control solutions, with prefabricated systems, making going off the grid easier and more affordable than ever before. Through our installer network, we also provide turnkey solutions, including CEC accredited installation.

Meet Team Clean... 

Daytech Energy have a great team (Team Clean) who are hard working and creative engineers, software developers, marketing, production and support people. We believe in team work and innovation, as well as focusing on delivering superior quality, fully tested, quality controlled products, with maximum value to our customers. We have a rich history in developing high quality advanced electronic and battery products. We want to help you make a positive difference, gaining personal power in your own life, whilst contributing to healing the planet.
With technical products such as batteries and electronics, trust is very important and when you engage Daytech, we take your trust very seriously. Your long term goals are our priority. We design, build, test and validate our products to last, then provide continuous ongoing support, so you know we've got your back, no matter where in the world you are located. That promise holds, whether you are an family farm operation, or a large company.

Solar Energy


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Luke Day

(Technical Director)

Trade background and degree qualified Electrical/Electronics Engineer. Passionate about Battery Energy Storage, loT and the Environment - 18 years experience in engineering and innovative high tech product/systems development.

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John King

(BD and Engineering Solutions Manager)

Highly experienced expert Process and Mechanical Engineer, passionate about Industrial applications. Holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Technology Commercialisation. A well-known veteran with over 45 years in the industry!

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Andrew Karas

(Principal Mechanical Engineer)

3D mechanical design and 3D printing specialist engineer, 10 years of engineering experience. Passionate about high-quality design and manufacturing.

Alexis K.jpg

Alexis Kotlowy

(Electronics & Production Technical Officer)

Keen eye for detail and inspired by Renewable Energy and IoT. Loves building and testing complex electronic hardware. Special interest and decades of experience in retro computing, deep hands-on embedded electronics experience, down to bare metal and below.