Manufacturing Lead Time, Packaging and Handling Guide

Estimated Dispatch Times - "Lead Time" for Product Manufacture, Testing, QC and Dispatch

Please inquire directly to for estimated manufacturing requirements, delivery times and stock levels. This estimated dispatch time will vary depending on your order, customisation requirements and the availability of components.


Please note, since our products are precision battery, electronic and computerised devices, we require time to perform testing and quality control, as well as properly package the goods prior to dispatch. This ensures we deliver high-quality products safely to you.

General estimated dispatch times are per the table below, please also allow for freight time to your specific destination...

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In Stock - Fully Assembled Products

Dispatch in ~ 7-14 Business Days

For fully assembled products carried in stock at Daytech's warehouses, please allow approximately 7-14 business days for quality control, testing and packaging to dispatch from our depot.

Stock Components For Final Product Assembly

Dispatch in ~14-28 Business Days

For products where we carry components in stock, ready for final assembly and configuration to particular models, please allow approximately 14-28 business days for assembly, loading firmware, configuration, testing, quality control, packaging and dispatch.

Batch Product Manufacture and Assembly

Dispatch in ~60-90 Business Days

For products requiring manufacturing, final assembly and configuration to particular models, please allow approximately 60-90 business days for complete manufacture, assembly, loading firmware, configuration, testing, quality control, packaging and dispatch. Please note, the manufacturing lead time will depend upon sub-component availability and is subject to variation. 

Custom Product R&D/OEM/ODM - Design, Manufacture and Software Development

Delivery times vary per scope of works and requirements

For products requiring custom design, custom firmware/software, new manufacturing runs, final assembly and configuration to a unique scope, please inquire for project pricing. Project delivery times will vary depending upon the scope of works, project inputs, customer requirements and variables. Daytech can assign a project manager and provide Gantt charts and status updates, as required. Please send us an inquiry with your application or product design requirements and we'll be in touch!

Freight/Delivery Options

Estimated Delivery Times - Post Dispatch

Daytech utilises the services of Australia Post and provides Standard Post and Express Post Options. We provide tracking numbers and signature on delivery is required. The cost of freight is added to the invoice at cost, with no markup on the Australia Post cost, for your convenience. Alternatively you may wish to use your own courier service or pickup directly.


Delivery Options and Links:​

  1. Australia Post Parcel Express Service - Estimated 1-2 Business days within Australian Metro Cities - Refer to:

  2. Australia Post Parcel Standard - Estimated 3-5 Business days within Australian Metro Cities - Refer to:​​

  3. International Freight - Please Contact our team for a free Estimation by emailing

  4. Customer Pickup - At Daytech head office or depot. Please arrange with our team by emailing

Link to Australia Post Parcel Delivery and Cost calculator:

General estimated delivery times can be found on the Australia Post Website, please allow for freight time and cost to your specific destination... For remote and rural locations, please enquire Please inquire directly to if you require assistance with estimated delivery times and cost.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale


All goods and services supplied by Daytech are subject to the Terms and Conditions, as outlined in the document below. Please download, read and understand all Terms and Conditions prior to purchase of goods and services.